Writing, Pigeons and the Fatty Fudge…

I can’t believe it’s June already and we’re half way through 2016.  In fact, I do believe it, as my Dad sends us regular messages similar to: ‘this time in 8 months it will be Christmas Day’, ‘this time in 7 months it will be Christmas Eve’, etc etc… but still, it’s whizzing past.  

Highlights of the year so far… well, we’ve had some great family trips to places like Edinburgh, Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon.

Image of Greyfriar Bobby's gravestone
Greyfriar Bobby

I’m back to being self-employed, still training and teaching, which I love.  We met the Vamps! (yes, we’re down with the kids).  Ooh, the pigeons… yes, haven’t mentioned these yet but it’s most definitely another highlight.  The pigeons who meet on the roof opposite our house every evening are formally now a couple.  I know… exciting or what?  Honestly, evenings fly past in this house.

As for writing?  Well, book number 3 is well under way, yay!  It’s the sequel to ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ and follows Lou on her next adventure.   I was really pleased to hear how the first book was auctioned at a charity event in Marmaris a few weeks ago and someone paid over £20 for it!   I’ve two non-fiction projects waiting to start and novel number 4 is itching to come to life too.   It will be book number 3 in the ‘Friendship, Love and…’ series.

Plus, I’ve some new ventures coming up.  Some of you might know that I recently brought a bear to life through some voice over work… as you do.  Yep, I couldn’t resist it when my friend Wendy (also the brill illustrator of both my books) contacted me to ask if I wanted to help out with a video she was making.

Image of Fatty Fudge
Fatty Fudge

Wendy is involved in Operation Christmas Child over in the States and put together a video to show people how to pack a shoebox and participate.  Fatty Fudge, a handsome chap, is the lead character in the video and is a bear I’ve known personally for over 40 years (!) and so I provided the voice for the video.  Wendy’s actual words were ‘it’s got to be you as you know him so well’.  Umm… Well, check it out by clicking here if you’d like to.

I really enjoyed it and have been providing audio for a few e-learning projects too that I’ve been working on (not as Fatty Fudge, although it would be fun hearing him explain how to create a Pivot Table).  So I’ve decided to go on a course and examine the subject in a bit more detail.  Is it something I can do more of?  I’d definitely like to but I’ve a feeling that my voice can curdle milk, so we’ll have to wait and see.

But, this all got me thinking about Podcasts again, something I’ve considered doing for ages. And then… yes, I got very excited… I thought about creating a vlog too.  Now, I mentioned this to our teenage daughter who replied, ‘wow, yes, because not many old people do them’.   Rude, or what?  Old??  Actually, I just found a vlogger who didn’t start until she was 95, so I’ve a way to go yet, young lady! (You can read more about ‘older’ bloggers and vloggers in this article here).

Talking of age, it’s my birthday next weekend, and it’s my husband’s on the same day and he’ll be 50.  Eek.  We also share it with Prince Philip (who never sends a card, but whatever…).  We’re going away to a secret location (I obviously know where) as s a treat for the hubster and I honestly can’t wait.

The weather in the south east is supposed to be improving tomorrow – I’ll miss the 10 degree temperature and rain, it’s been a blast… Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing.



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