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image of friendship love and apple tea by penny canvin

By Penny Canvin

Friendship, Love & Apple Tea

Romantic Comedy Novel

Lou Granger is ready to enjoy her long-awaited month of relaxation and fun in the sun with her best friend Libby who now lives in Marmaris, Turkey.  After eighteen months living with Grant, her controlling boyfriend, Lou’s pretty much decided she needs to start a new life, and Libby’s advice and support is just what she needs. But instead of relaxation she finds herself doing anything but. Dates with amorous waiters, constant contact from her ex and being cajoled into helping her friend start a Jeep Safari business all start to take their toll. And when it appears that Libby’s business is being sabotaged she begins to suspect Seth, the charismatic brother of Libby’s boyfriend. But it’s hard to suspect a man you’re starting to have feelings for, until you find he has a secret life that would be impossible to be part of…


Penny Canvin

I’d always loved creative writing but it wasn’t until late in life that I shared any work with the world. I started with script-writing, short pieces performed by the wonderful actors in Milton Keynes – my favourite piece was called ‘Spleens and Aubergines’…

But I finally wrote a whole book (yay!), releasing ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ in 2014. My books tend to be set somewhere other than home because I love travel and sunshine.

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Light-hearted, enjoyable and with characters and a storyline that are well rounded and well developed, Penny Canvin writes like a seasoned novelist

– Amazon Review

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