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image of friendship love and more by Penny Canvin

By Penny Canvin

Friendship, Love and More

Romantic Comedy

The heartwarming third book in the ‘Friendship, Love and…’ trilogy – a perfect escape, full of friendship, love and hope, set in the Mediterranean sunshine. 

In the beautiful Turkish resort of Marmaris, her new home, Lou Granger is back and living the dream, with best friend Libby by her side. At last, she’s found the life she once only imagined – one that’s full of love, friendship and more. It’s everything she’s always wanted, a dream come true.
Until suddenly, everything changes… and she is faced with a challenging decision that casts doubt on whether she will ever find her happily ever after.


Penny Canvin

Penny is an emerging romantic comedy novelist known for her light-hearted novels based in Turkey and other countries around the world. She is also a script-writer for radio and stage. 

Since writing her first novel, Friendship, Love and Apple Tea, she has published several books, including others in the Friendship series and Bringing Billie Back.

When she’s not writing, Penny enjoys traveling for inspiration. She is currently working on her next romantic novel. Follow her on social media for updates!

image of Penny Canvin author

Other Books

image of friendship love and apple tea by penny canvin

Friendship, Love and Apple Tea

Meet Lou Granger – she’s ready to enjoy her long-awaited month of relaxation and fun in the sun with her best friend Libby in Marmaris. But, instead of relaxation, she finds herself doing anything but…

image of Friendship love and sangria by Penny Canvin

Friendship, Love and Sangria

Lou Granger is all set to jet off on a romantic American road trip with the man of her dreams, but a phone call at the airport changes everything. Instead of hot dogs and shopping malls, it’s tapas and siestas, as she finds herself in beautiful  Spain.
image of Bringing Billie Back by Penny Canvin

Bringing Billie Back

Billie Moon hates most things in life.  Except for her job, that is.  So she turns a week’s holiday on a cruise ship around the Med into a working trip. But things don’t turn out quite like she thought they would.


A great, relaxing feel good story. Perfect holiday reading!

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