Paperback available on Amazon…

The paperback version of Friendship Love and Sangria now available on Amazon!

image of Friendship Love and Sangria now availableI hadn’t planned on releasing the sequel to ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘ as a paperback through Amazon for another month yet as it has been available to purchase directly from me since mid-June.  I love sending them straight to readers as it means I can sign them if asked, and I personally post every copy.  But, although I’ve shared the website link and let people know, I’ve still been inundated with emails and messages asking when it’s out on Amazon.  So, here it is…  Continue reading “Paperback available on Amazon…”

The photos behind the story…

 ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ image of Friendship Love and Sangria based in Guardamar, set in Guardamar, has only been out four days as an e-book but the first reviews are already in, which is amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Reviews are so valuable for an author, whether good or ‘developmental’ (you can tell I’m a trainer…), and can truly make all the difference. Plus, I’m always touched that someone has actually gone out of their way and spent their time and effort to talk about my book.  It’s the same when readers email me, or message me on Facebook. I appreciate it so much. Whatever form of communication it can often be the only way a writer knows if what we do is working or if we should do things differently. So, thank you… Continue reading “The photos behind the story…”

Friendship Love and Sangria is out!!!

image of friendship love and sangriaSo, ‘Friendship Love and Sangria’ is out!  Yes, after months of writing, writing, writing, it’s finally out for pre-order and released tomorrow on two e-readers – Kindle and iBooks. Both are available as a pre-order. More formats to follow, including the paperback which readers will be able to buy directly from me and then from Amazon a couple of weeks later. Should be available within 2 weeks. Continue reading “Friendship Love and Sangria is out!!!”

Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!

Book release… so, the day is nearly here!  The sequel to my first novel is due for release early June and sees the return of Lou Granger, wanting to be back in Marmaris but finding herself in sunny Spain.

‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’… here’s the blurb:   Continue reading “Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!”

Non-fiction, sequels and voice-over…

What?  Three months since I last blogged?  No way… that’s appalling!  Well, what can I say in my defense other than the last few months have whizzed by so quickly, what with Christmas and all, and I’ve lots going on, and… and… actually, that’s not even an excuse, is it?  We’re all very busy.  Sigh.  I’m very, very sorry… It’s nearly February already, how did this happen?   Continue reading “Non-fiction, sequels and voice-over…”

Why I Love Being an Indie Author…

I’m an Indie Author… and I wanted to write a little about it. So, let’s start by saying how I can’t quite believe it’s October already but, although sad to see the Summer go, I must say I’m starting to love Autumn the older I get.   I think it’s the colours and sunshine, it’s so pretty.   I find writing in Autumn and Winter easier too as there are less distractions, such as sitting in the sunny garden with loved ones, BBQs,  holidays… Actually, most things distract me easily from writing and I have so many mega deadlines to meet.  Hence the lack of blog posts these last few weeks.  Or months.  Oh, it is actually months… sorry! Continue reading “Why I Love Being an Indie Author…”

Writing, Pigeons and the Fatty Fudge…

I can’t believe it’s June already and we’re half way through 2016.  In fact, I do believe it, as my Dad sends us regular messages similar to: ‘this time in 8 months it will be Christmas Day’, ‘this time in 7 months it will be Christmas Eve’, etc etc… but still, it’s whizzing past.   Continue reading “Writing, Pigeons and the Fatty Fudge…”

Author in need of voice upgrade…

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologise, but a lot has been happening.  I’ve been quite selfish, as I’ve been writing my book rather than blogging, Facebook chatting, Twitter posts and all the other common procrastination tactics  but needs must and all that.

The new novel is getting close to being completed and I’ll soon be creating an ’email list’ option through here and my website so that those interested can find out the exact release date and, if they wish, pre-order if interested.

It was due to be released in September but due to reasons which are both boring and of no particular interest to anyone other than myself and possibly the dog, I’ve been a little distracted.  But the engine has restarted and, other than the need for a complete service and oil change, I’m good to go… I’m writing again and my book should be out at the end of the year.  As it’s based on a cruise sailing around the Aegean Sea and Med, it will hopefully offer a little ray of sunshine through the winter months.   Here’s a photo of a destination featured in a couple of the chapters, the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Photo of Mykonos

The title is still a work in progress – I’m hoping it will come to me once it’s all finished, just like last time.  If not, It could take another year to release… umm.   And, this time, on launch day, I’ll be releasing all formats at the same time – paperback, e-book and audio.

Yes, audio!  So, that brings me onto my next bit of news which is linked to the title of this blog.  I’m about to start narrating books and, in particular, my own for audio format.  And, I’m really not sure my voice is up to it as it could honestly curdle milk and scare burglars.  I’m hoping for a sore throat that will make me sound sexy and interesting. Unlikely, but possible.

The spare bedroom is going to become a recording studio.  Oh yes, I’m going to have one of those proper microphones with a fluffy thing around it and I can pretend I’m on the radio!  If I was young and trendy and ‘down with the kids’ I’d compare myself to a presenter  (or, as my middle-aged brain likes to call them, DJ’s) from Radio 1 but, as I’m not, I’ll liken myself to a Tony Blackburn type.  Which is fine, as he is ‘super, smashing and great .’

As for writing, as soon as this book is finished I’ll be moving onto my next one which is going to be a non-fiction.  It’s a self-help book and has been in my head for many years.  So, am hoping I can write it as quickly and painlessly as possible.  My background is non-fiction I guess, having written training manuals and courseware for years and so I’m quite excited about it.

And, I’ll be creating Podcasts in my snazzy recording studio, primarily to support the non-fiction book and also as an additional resource for some training events I may be running.

So, lots to look forward to.   I’m feeling really excited.

As a final note, ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ continues to sell very well. Thank you everyone for your support.  Close to 2000 copies, nearly 80 reviews on Amazon (average 5 stars) and I’ve made some great friends with so many of you that have written to me either by email or through social media.   If you haven’t read it, give it a try – it’s full of sunshine and  fun in the sun.  And, with colder months on their way, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Autumn, or Fall (for my American friends…)


Moaning feet…

Before I bore you with my moaning feet, may I firstly wish you all a very Happy New Year!   Yes, it’s 2015 already,  and I’d only just got used to 2014.  Rude.

My moaning feet… well, it’s all because I took them out dancing on New Years Eve.  To a party.  i thought they deserved a treat as I don’t think they danced once during the year other than in a ‘Just Dance’ dance-off with our mini-me daughter (who, may I add, I beat all the time despite being an old bird compared to a young whipper-snapper).  I haven’t taken them to any parties, dance classes, nights out… So, I dressed them in a smart pair of shoes, with heels no less, and tights without ladders.  And, we danced, me and my feet, to all sorts of tunes.  There were modern ones (because I’m trendy and fashionable and down with the kids…), and old ones, and in between ones like ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’ – Nolan Sisters rock.  And, my feet danced, and danced, and danced.  And, they didn’t complain once during the night.  But, yesterday and today, they are not happy. In fact, they’re miserable and i don’t think I’ll take them dancing again, unless they change their attitude and stop being miserable.  I’m going to dress them in flat shoes and boots, and socks with holes in the toes.

What did you all do for New Year?  We decided to go somewhere glamorous, warm, fashionable, cosmopolitan… Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth.  And it was fab.

So today I’m writing, writing, writing.  Second book needs to be written quickly as I’ve a deadline, and so I’ve started it and, so far, quite like it.  Still so grateful that ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ has continued to sell over the festive period.  Thank you!!!!  Well, it is set in Turkey after all, which goes with Christmas.

I’m off now to comfort my feet… enjoy the first weekend of the year everyone.   And may 2015 be full of everything you dream of.