Paperback available on Amazon…

The paperback version of Friendship Love and Sangria now available on Amazon!

image of Friendship Love and Sangria now availableI hadn’t planned on releasing the sequel to ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘ as a paperback through Amazon for another month yet as it has been available to purchase directly from me since mid-June.  I love sending them straight to readers as it means I can sign them if asked, and I personally post every copy.  But, although I’ve shared the website link and let people know, I’ve still been inundated with emails and messages asking when it’s out on Amazon.  So, here it is…  Continue reading “Paperback available on Amazon…”

The photos behind the story…

 ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ image of Friendship Love and Sangria based in Guardamar, set in Guardamar, has only been out four days as an e-book but the first reviews are already in, which is amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Reviews are so valuable for an author, whether good or ‘developmental’ (you can tell I’m a trainer…), and can truly make all the difference. Plus, I’m always touched that someone has actually gone out of their way and spent their time and effort to talk about my book.  It’s the same when readers email me, or message me on Facebook. I appreciate it so much. Whatever form of communication it can often be the only way a writer knows if what we do is working or if we should do things differently. So, thank you… Continue reading “The photos behind the story…”

Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!

Book release… so, the day is nearly here!  The sequel to my first novel is due for release early June and sees the return of Lou Granger, wanting to be back in Marmaris but finding herself in sunny Spain.

‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’… here’s the blurb:   Continue reading “Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!”

Why I Love Being an Indie Author…

I’m an Indie Author… and I wanted to write a little about it. So, let’s start by saying how I can’t quite believe it’s October already but, although sad to see the Summer go, I must say I’m starting to love Autumn the older I get.   I think it’s the colours and sunshine, it’s so pretty.   I find writing in Autumn and Winter easier too as there are less distractions, such as sitting in the sunny garden with loved ones, BBQs,  holidays… Actually, most things distract me easily from writing and I have so many mega deadlines to meet.  Hence the lack of blog posts these last few weeks.  Or months.  Oh, it is actually months… sorry! Continue reading “Why I Love Being an Indie Author…”

Writing, Pigeons and the Fatty Fudge…

I can’t believe it’s June already and we’re half way through 2016.  In fact, I do believe it, as my Dad sends us regular messages similar to: ‘this time in 8 months it will be Christmas Day’, ‘this time in 7 months it will be Christmas Eve’, etc etc… but still, it’s whizzing past.   Continue reading “Writing, Pigeons and the Fatty Fudge…”

March 2016 news…

Well, firstly, my promise to publish a blog post every week has gone a bit off target.  Ok, not a bit, a lot.  Why?  Well, actually, I don’t even have a really good excuse, it’s just that the start of this year has flown by and I’ve had lots of little things going on that have all merged together to form a big thing. Continue reading “March 2016 news…”

My favourite books on Writing…

So, what do I want to tell you about Books on Writing?  Well, I find it really difficult to get motivated to write on days like today.  It’s a grey, mild, January, Sunday evening and my brain doesn’t want to come out to play.  I took it out to the cinema this afternoon, so you’d think it would be a bit grateful and meet me half way. But no… it’s decided to stay full of cotton wool.  So, I’m going to read about writing instead as at least that’s moving forward, albeit not in quite the direction I should be if  I’m going to keep on schedule to get book number 3 finished (well, started… oops). Continue reading “My favourite books on Writing…”

Trying to be organised…

Wow, what a weekend! Somehow, and completely out of nowhere, I had a huge rise in book sales on Kindle and I’ve no idea how it happened. I hadn’t posted anything in particular on Social Media, I hadn’t been tagged in anything, and there was no promotion event. It just happened. Whatever, or whoever it was, I’m very grateful and also excited that lots of people will be reading ‘Bringing Billie Back’. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me with my writing, it means so much every time I see a single sale. Continue reading “Trying to be organised…”

‘A day at the Circus’, by Penny Canvin aged 8…

My parents have had a rough couple of weeks.  They had a flood in their lounge caused by a burst pipe under the floor, resulting in the whole carpet being lifted up and no heating since it happened.  They still won’t have any warmth in the house for at least two more weeks as they’re waiting for the system to be replaced.   So my Dad has been up in the loft to clear it ready for the work to commence and one of the things he retrieved was a cardboard box which contains old school books that my brother and I had brought home a long, long time ago.

Excitedly, my daughter and I went through it to see what I was like at that young age.  What type of pictures did I draw?  How was my spelling?  But, more importantly for me, what was my storytelling like then?  Would I find signs that I’d one day be a writer?   Well, there was never any doubt that my imagination has always been vivid, and my books proved that.  And I’ll admit that I can over-exaggerate things sometimes…  But I never knew quite how much.

So, here it is… the proof.  Penny Canvin aged 8 was asked, along with her classmates, to write about what she did at the weekend.  My best friend Wendy and I had both gone to a travelling circus which had come to our village. In those days, a circus had clowns and trapeze artists but also live, wild animals performing (yes, i know, but it was ‘normal’ back in those days).  So, we both wrote about our day at the circus.

Wendy’s version:  Wendy wrote about how we went to the circus, queued for 55 minutes and watched the ringmaster and the lions.  A nice story, full of truth, and most probably in her beautiful neat handwriting accompanied with a brill illustration (not that I’m jealous or anything).

Here’s my actual written account of the day.  What the teacher must have thought I have no idea…:

One day I heard my mum and dad say ‘We shall take Penny to the circus’.  So I asked if Wendy could come and they said yes.  We went to my friend’s but her mum said ‘no, you dare take Wendy to the circus, she is mental’. (Now, this is the first untruth as Wendy is most definitely not, or ever has been, ‘mental’.)

‘No she’s not’, I said.  

‘Ok’, said her mum Liz and we went to the car holding hands.  But my parents and brother had been sick so they went home and we went by ourselves to the circus.  

We went inside the tent and got a seat.  The circus began.  The Ringmaster said ‘Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, we shall now have the clowns.’  The funny clowns came on and we started to laugh.  They threw apple pies (I’m pretty sure these would have been custard pies, but let’s not get picky) at each other and went off.  The Ringmaster came in and said ‘A dreadful thing has happened.  A man has put some stuff in the drinks and people have fainted.’  All the people let out a big scream and ran out of the tent expect for me and Wendy.  

‘I think I know who it is that put stuff into the drinks’, I said.  

‘Who?’ asked Wendy.  

‘Listen,’ I said, ‘if the clowns were in the ring and the other people were getting ready, it was the Ringmaster who must have done it’.  We shouted at the Ringmaster, ‘Come here!  You killed the people.’  (Not quite sure how it went from people fainting to being killed)

‘OK, I give up’, he said, ‘I killed them.’ Then I heard Wendy let out a big scream.  The lions were out and we ran out of the tent and became heroes (?) but the Ringmaster was killed.  We put the lions into the cages.  

The end.

‘Bring your own Book’ at Newport Pagnell Library

Had a lovely time tonight at the Newport Pagnell Library (in Buckinghamshire, for those that don’t know it…).  I was asked to pop along to their first ‘Bring your own Book’ club and talk about ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’.

Now, before I tell you how fab the group was, I must share with you my rather disastrous journey there.  I was zipping along, fighting my way through rush hour traffic and becoming a little disorientated by the drizzly rain, bright lights and rather boppy music on the radio.  And I was panicking a little, as it was getting closer and closer to 5:30.  And I suddenly became aware that I was contravening the Road Traffic Act a little.  Well, a lot.  I’m not going to say what or how, as I’m not sure if this could be used against me in a court of law.  So, if anyone asks, I will deny everything.  But, I can say that it was not speeding, or driving dangerously.  It was just a bit daft.  It was so daft that, if I don’t end up with points on my licence, I’ll be almost disappointed.

Right, back to the story.  I was greeted by coffee and biscuits and lots of smiles, which calmed me down from my near death experience in the car (slight exaggeration), and I spoke to some lovely ladies about my book, and how I wrote it, and what I’d do differently next time.  Which is lots.

The best bit of the evening was the ‘Bring your own Book’ part.  The group is all about having a book that you’d love to share with others, having a chat and drinking tea and dunking biscuits.  And, the great thing about it is that you learn about other authors and genres – I am definitely downloading a book onto my Kindle that was recommended tonight by the author Diane Chamberlain.

They meet once a month at the library with the next session on the 10th February.  So if you love reading books and can pop along, please do.  I can guarantee a warm welcome and a fun evening.

Now, when I’ve got my scanner on, I’m going to share a flyer on here called ‘2015 Reading Challenge’.  Basically, it’s a list of different types of book and you tick the ones that you’ve tried and then challenge yourself to read genres that may not be familiar to you.  What a great idea!

And… I’m hopefully going to have a ‘download my book for free’ day through Kindle… more details to follow.

Off to bed