Marmaris in a weekend? Sure…!

Marmaris in a weekend… a 1,700+ mile flight, a 1+ hour transfer each way… is it possible to go for just a weekend to Turkey?  Absolutely! Continue reading “Marmaris in a weekend? Sure…!”

Hangin’ with the Vamps, cos I’m down with the kids…

Yay, The Vamps… Yes, I’m middle-aged.  I often need a nap in the afternoon, I have a lot of grey hairs (more than home hair-colouring can fix…), I forget where I put the hand towel when I come out of the bathroom and then realise it’s wrapped around my head, I lose my sunglasses then realise I’m wearing them, I get excited about ordering seeds for the garden each year… and don’t even start on what happens if I sneeze suddenly. Continue reading “Hangin’ with the Vamps, cos I’m down with the kids…”