Posting from Madrid…

Well, I thought I ought to send a post from Madrid, a beautiful city.   We’re only here for a few days, we fly home on Friday.  But it’s been so hectic recently that I’m now all chilled out, having had tapas and visited beautiful squares and streets, so it’s only right that I take a few minutes to have a type on my little keyboard that connects to my phone.  To be honest, I’ve missed writing these last few days…

So, what’s going on for me?   Well, my second novel is almost finished and I’m hoping it will be released by the second week of December.   To be honest, the hardest bit has been the title – it took me weeks and weeks to decide on it and I’m still not 100% sure.  With my first novel it just came to me, and I knew there and then it was right.  But this one?  Umm… I think iit is ok but will wait another week or so to release it.  

My ‘illustrator’, (aka Wendy my bestie friend) is struggling a little with the cover. But, I know she’ll do a fab job and I can’t wait to see it.   She’s reading the second draft for me too, as is my lovely husband Roger, and they’re both quite happy so far.  

The excitement at having a book almost ready to release is just, oooh, I can’t even describe it.  I watched Dawn French this weekend on Saturday Kitchen and she described it in a similar way to having a baby – it grows in you for so many months and then it’s there, and you want everyone to be kind to it.  Along with the general excitement is also the knowledge that I’ll soon be free to start my next project, which is so excillerating.  

So, here I am, sat in the restaurant of our Madrid hotel after walking in the rain after eating tapas and drinking a glass of wine.  And, I’m about to start making some notes for my next novel.  But first, my project list:

1.  Non-fiction book – yep, my next one is a self-development book which has been in my head for years and I’m hoping it’s going to be ok to write… bit scary, but am looking forward to it.

2. Recording the audio for novel 1 & 2 – so, I’ve got the kit and am ready to go… not sure how it will work out but I’m mega excited.  I hope I don’t forget myself and think I’m back on the police radios and talk in the phonetic alphabet… plus, my voice could curdle milk so I’m going to have to come up with a plan to make it sound a bit more, well, normal…

3. Third novel, set in Spain somewhere, possibly Madrid…

4. Podcast – am aiming to do a monthly one, with creative friends being guests for me.  Can’t wait. 

5.  Childrens novel… yes, I’ve got the idea I want to expand on, as it’s something that our daughter and I have been talking about for years.  

So, that’s my project list.  On top of this I have a meal to plan for my father (and mum too, and husband) as I promised that, if I sold 2000 copies of my first novel, I’d take him to Marco Pierre White’s.  And, I reached that target, which is unbelievable!!!  So, we need to book it up and it’s going to be fab.  My Dad is the best story teller I’ve ever known, and so I owe everything to him. 

Right, off to bed soon as we’ve a full day ahead tomorrow in sunny Madrid.  Until then, I’ve some notes to make and a coffee or tea to drink before bed.  Night everyone,  wherever you are.  Or, should I say, ‘beunos nochas’ – absolutely no idea if this is correct or not, so I apoloise to all Spanish speakers everywhere. 



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