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So, what do I want to tell you about Books on Writing?  Well, I find it really difficult to get motivated to write on days like today.  It’s a grey, mild, January, Sunday evening and my brain doesn’t want to come out to play.  I took it out to the cinema this afternoon, so you’d think it would be a bit grateful and meet me half way. But no… it’s decided to stay full of cotton wool.  So, I’m going to read about writing instead as at least that’s moving forward, albeit not in quite the direction I should be if  I’m going to keep on schedule to get book number 3 finished (well, started… oops).

Here’s a photo of my book shelf in the office, groaning under the weight of many books on the craft of writing.  For years, I read lots of them, anything I could get my hands on, and talked about writing all the time but didn’t, well, actually write anything.  But now that I’ve managed to do it,  I can reflect on the resources that have helped me the most and have made a list of my top 3.

image of my books on writing

Only one on the list is residing on my book shelf – the second item I have as a Kindle ebook version, and the third is an online resource.   Give these a try if you’re thinking about writing. I really recommend them, even if they did/do all help me procrastinate just a tiny bit…

number 1

‘Story’ by Robert McKee

This is a great book from a top screenwriter.  It was recommended to me by two great mentors, and really helped me understand the importance of a story as, without it, there is no book (or play, film etc).  It’s a bit heavy in places, particularly for someone like me that day dreams and drifts off quite a bit, no matter how hard I try not to.   Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Number 2‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

My absolute favourite.   From the creator of classics such as Carrie and Salem’s Lot, the No.1 bestseller shares the tools of the trade along with the story of his life.  His laid back style makes me titter every time I read it, he’s so cool.   Kindle and Paperback available


If you haven’t checked out this website, then I implore you to do so… Joanna Penn’s website hosts her weekly podcasts, packed full of hints, tips, news, advice, knowledge and everything you can imagine to help you in the world of self-publishing.  I look forward to every weekly episode released on a Monday and it keeps me company on many a journey to and from the day job.  Fabulous!

Happy reading, and have a great week








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