Reflection, Contemplation and inexcusable Procrastination…

5 months since I last posted? Really? Oh… that’s not on, it really isn’t. Well, I blame it on, umm…. GDPR. Yes, let’s blame GDPR, because that’s what I’ve been doing the last few months. Living, breathing, designing e-learning, analysing… And we’re still a couple of weeks until the big day. May 25th. Actually, it’s not really down to GDPR, it’s down to me being a bit, well, of a procrastinator.  And a bit rubbish at keeping in touch. But, let’s just pretend it’s GDPR as it will make me feel better. Continue reading “Reflection, Contemplation and inexcusable Procrastination…”

Using the iPhone for ‘writery’ stuff…

Using the iPhone as a writer?  Well, it’s ten years since we first met the the wonderful device from Apple. Wait… what? Wow, that time has zoomed by. Those that know me well are very aware that I’m an Apple fan, a total geek, a lover of all their products and devices. Yes, much to the annoyance of my Android friends, and Windows fans, (who think that Apple products are overpriced and over-hyped, blah de blah de blah…) I stay loyal to the brand and continue to be one of those weird people that can’t walk past the Apple shop without being pulled in by some subconscious force to play with all the goodies, blinded by the beauty… Continue reading “Using the iPhone for ‘writery’ stuff…”

Hangin’ with the Vamps, cos I’m down with the kids…

Yay, The Vamps… Yes, I’m middle-aged.  I often need a nap in the afternoon, I have a lot of grey hairs (more than home hair-colouring can fix…), I forget where I put the hand towel when I come out of the bathroom and then realise it’s wrapped around my head, I lose my sunglasses then realise I’m wearing them, I get excited about ordering seeds for the garden each year… and don’t even start on what happens if I sneeze suddenly. Continue reading “Hangin’ with the Vamps, cos I’m down with the kids…”

Bringing Billie Back

BBC Northampton Radio – What a week!  My crazy editing has come to an end until the final proof edits are suggested and put right.  I’ve released the date that ‘Bringing Billie Back’ is being set free (the 13th December).  And today I was lucky to be invited as a guest on the John Griff show, BBC Radio Northampton.

What a lovely guy.  He had researched ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’, knew everything about it and asked some great questions.  And I loved it.  Am kinda hoping Miranda Hart was listening as there’s an offer of a leading role in a film for her, she only has to ask…

image of puglet wanting a walk
Puglet doesn’t like edits

In other news, well, it’s all been about editing, editing and more editing whilst ignoring the housework, the need for Christmas shopping and the fact our house is upside down whilst having some building work done.   Puglet has sat and watched, silently pleading for more doggie walks…

So now, I need to focus everything on getting the book out on the 13th as promised…  if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my mailing list through my website.  I’ll be sending out an email on the release date to all that join, to give you links to the different ways of getting hold of the book.  Click here to find the very large Subscribe button.

Thanks everyone, for your support, and please urge my final edits to be as quick and as painless as possible!





Author in need of voice upgrade…

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologise, but a lot has been happening.  I’ve been quite selfish, as I’ve been writing my book rather than blogging, Facebook chatting, Twitter posts and all the other common procrastination tactics  but needs must and all that.

The new novel is getting close to being completed and I’ll soon be creating an ’email list’ option through here and my website so that those interested can find out the exact release date and, if they wish, pre-order if interested.

It was due to be released in September but due to reasons which are both boring and of no particular interest to anyone other than myself and possibly the dog, I’ve been a little distracted.  But the engine has restarted and, other than the need for a complete service and oil change, I’m good to go… I’m writing again and my book should be out at the end of the year.  As it’s based on a cruise sailing around the Aegean Sea and Med, it will hopefully offer a little ray of sunshine through the winter months.   Here’s a photo of a destination featured in a couple of the chapters, the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Photo of Mykonos

The title is still a work in progress – I’m hoping it will come to me once it’s all finished, just like last time.  If not, It could take another year to release… umm.   And, this time, on launch day, I’ll be releasing all formats at the same time – paperback, e-book and audio.

Yes, audio!  So, that brings me onto my next bit of news which is linked to the title of this blog.  I’m about to start narrating books and, in particular, my own for audio format.  And, I’m really not sure my voice is up to it as it could honestly curdle milk and scare burglars.  I’m hoping for a sore throat that will make me sound sexy and interesting. Unlikely, but possible.

The spare bedroom is going to become a recording studio.  Oh yes, I’m going to have one of those proper microphones with a fluffy thing around it and I can pretend I’m on the radio!  If I was young and trendy and ‘down with the kids’ I’d compare myself to a presenter  (or, as my middle-aged brain likes to call them, DJ’s) from Radio 1 but, as I’m not, I’ll liken myself to a Tony Blackburn type.  Which is fine, as he is ‘super, smashing and great .’

As for writing, as soon as this book is finished I’ll be moving onto my next one which is going to be a non-fiction.  It’s a self-help book and has been in my head for many years.  So, am hoping I can write it as quickly and painlessly as possible.  My background is non-fiction I guess, having written training manuals and courseware for years and so I’m quite excited about it.

And, I’ll be creating Podcasts in my snazzy recording studio, primarily to support the non-fiction book and also as an additional resource for some training events I may be running.

So, lots to look forward to.   I’m feeling really excited.

As a final note, ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ continues to sell very well. Thank you everyone for your support.  Close to 2000 copies, nearly 80 reviews on Amazon (average 5 stars) and I’ve made some great friends with so many of you that have written to me either by email or through social media.   If you haven’t read it, give it a try – it’s full of sunshine and  fun in the sun.  And, with colder months on their way, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Autumn, or Fall (for my American friends…)