Writer’s mojo is slowly returning…

I had so many plans for my new book… it was due to be posted off to the New Writer’s Scheme at the end of this month, plus a copy to my ‘ideal reader’ at the same time (so she could a) test it out and b) gather some ideas for the front cover), a final tweak in August and then the release in September.  And, I really was convinced this would all happen.

And then something came along that knocked me a bit.  I found out I was a bit poorly.  Now, I’ve felt poorly for some time and so a diagnosis was in some ways a relief.  But the diagnosis comes at a cost and, whilst I got my head round it (and my family came to terms with it too), my creative energy took a bit of a dive.  Not just a dive, it sunk.

I’d managed just a couple of hundred words some days whilst going through these last few weeks (actually, months) and it is in no way fit for sending to the New Writer’s Scheme or my ‘ideal reader’.  But, I’m getting there.  This week has seen a turn around and I’m getting my mojo back.  And, September is still on the cards (with fingers crossed behind my back).

My diagnosis?  Multiple Sclerosis.  And, I’ve apparently had it for 20 years.  So, I’m relieved that I wasn’t just getting a bit old and creaky and it’s made a lot of sense about things in the past, and I am truly grateful that it has now been officially ‘named’.  It could have been much worse and I’m luckier than a lot of other people.

So, whilst thinking positively, here’s some other thoughts of the day:

a) I now have a real reason for not walking in a straight line and slurring my speech a bit.  I’m NOT drunk… honest.  Well, sometimes I might have had one glass of wine too many, but who would now know??

b) I can now buy very flat and sensible shoes and no one will be able to make any comments about my severe lack of fashion style or call the ‘fashion police’…

c) I won’t have to feel guilty when I fail to go out running… again.

d) I’ve experienced a real ‘shopping high’… buying a folding walking stick on Amazon.  Oh yes… not only a folding one, but it’s purple.   This has stopped me from over-indulging on books to read for my Kindle.  And, it’s fun pointing the stick at Puglet (our dog) as he runs around it in circles barking.  Entertainment for several minutes.

e) No matter what, I’ll still be able to write.

So, book number two is well on its way and  it is with great gratitude to all the lovely people that have continued to promote my book ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’, and give me such lovely feedback, as this has been a huge help to getting me back to my ‘Writerly’ style.  Onwards and upwards! Thank you!