Book Launch 25th October 2014

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Book Launch on Saturday 25th October – it was a great night and I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me.  Still getting used to being asked to sign my book – but lots of books sold, which was fantastic!   The evening was very informal, some of the visitors stayed a short while, whilst others took advantage of the wonderful food that Ali and his team provide at the Med Grill – if you haven’t been there before, please do, it’s on the V4 near to Furzton in Milton Keynes.

What I loved the most was the sound of chatting and laughing – with the slide show playing photographs of Turkey, the sound of Turkish music and the smell of Turkish cuisine, the atmosphere really did make me think I was in Marmaris.  And, each one of the photos playing in the background inspired the story and appears in some way throughout the book.

So, here’s some photos of the night – the book is available as paperback either through me directly, or via Amazon, and the e-book is still selling really well throughout the different platforms – go to for more info.

Thanks everyone, and here’s to the next one!



Book Launch Book Launch 2 Mini-Me getting ready A full house Team 'Canvin/Mayhew' Friends1 Getting ready School friends! Heather and I Guests arriving The Mayhews are ready... Drinking apple tea

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