Apologies to all the other eBook platforms…

Greetings from my sofa in Northamptonshire, UK…

I hereby make a formal apology to quite a few of the eBook platforms other than Kindle, but just as fab, as I’ve totally neglected them.  And, have neglected their readers too.

Well, not totally, as I’ve always had the links to my books published through iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Google play on my website.  But, whenever I’ve posted about ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’ on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve only ever put the links to my Kindle book.

Why?  Well, I have absolutely no idea and hadn’t realised until today when I saw the light… I was driving around in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside, on my way to an appointment, merrily listening to an interview during a brill Joanna Penn podcast.  I was smugly doing the ‘ooh, I do that,’  ‘ummm, I’ve thought about doing that’ and then ‘What?? I don’t do that!’  Yes,  I was hit with the realisation that I, like many other authors, am guilty of treating my Kindle eBook as my favourite child.

Yes, I admit my eBook has not sold as well on the other platforms as it has on Amazon Kindle, but that’s possibly because I haven’t promoted it as much.  The other platforms are offering self-publishers such a great deal, just as much as Kindle, and so today I will turn over a new leaf –  I’m going to start promoting them more (and my own books at the same time, obviously… well hey, I’m an Indie Author, it’s part of my job description!)

So, first of all, if any of you reading this has read my book on one of those platforms, could I ask a teeny favour (if you’d be so kind)… could you leave a review please?  I haven’t received as many reviews on those platforms;  in fact, it’s only my Google play and Kobo readers that have posted reviews (a total of 20) compared to the 79 on Amazon (Thank you to all that leave feedback, it is so much appreciated and makes a huge difference to an author).  And secondly, any comments or thoughts about the other platforms, either as a reader or author, I’d very much like to hear them.

Now, here’s the links to my book, not only to promote it but to hopefully encourage more readers to use these platforms which offer a great experience .. and I promise that my next novel due at the end of the year will be promoted fairly amongst all eBook platforms.  Honest…

Kobo |  Google play | iBooks  |  Nook

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