Almost a thousand of you have read my book…

Haven’t been on here for a while.  Many reasons why, which I may be able to share soon.   I haven’t been far away…

So, today I’ve realised that I’ve almost hit 1000 sales of my book.  Now, I really can’t quite believe it.  I honestly thought that the only people who would ever buy my book would be:

a) My husband

b) My parents

c) Close friends

d) our dog

So, to see that I’m almost at 1000 is incredible.  And, I want to thank everyone that has bought my book, and taken a chance on reading the work of an un-published author.  In particular, the support of my fellow ‘Turkey’ fans has been over-whelming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you… tesekkur ederim!

So, I’m excited to see what April brings.  And, it’s spurred me on to complete my second book… thanks everyone.  I really do appreciate it


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