When a writer forgets to blog…

image of writer's blog in franceSo, this writer’s blog just hasn’t been happening.  I’ve done absolutely nothing at all in terms of blogging. Not a thing. Totally unacceptable and I’m again vowing to put things right. This time I mean it. Absolutely. No doubt whatsoever, it’s happening, people! I can’t even blame it on doing lots of writing as I really haven’t since ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria was released. But I have been on holiday to France… so that’s sort of an excuse.

I guess I’ve just been working, my ‘normal’ day job, earning a wage to enable us to enjoy some of the lovely things we’ve done over the summer. So I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up of the nice bits that have happened (and I’ll miss out the not-so-nice…)

So, in no particular order….

image from tulubey boatMarmaris for a weekend…

Yes, we were lucky enough to visit again, a long weekend in the sunshine. Gorgeous weather, lovely accommodation, the boat trip around the bays… fabulous.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang out with the guys who have helped me so much with my writing, as our daughter wasn’t well, but at least we managed to meet and I was able to hand over a book or two. Tourism seemed to have picked up compared to last year, which was good to see, and long may it continue.

Watching Pete Firman

image of pete firmans website
Photo of Pete Firman website

Right, if you haven’t seen this guy live, you are missing something quite brilliant. He’s recognised as the UK’s leading magician/comedian, and described by the Telegraph as The new poster-boy for British comedy magic, and he really, really is all those things plus more. We’ve seen him live three times now, twice at The Stables (Milton Keynes) and once at Northampton, and we left every show saying, ‘How on earth did he do that?’ whilst holding our sides from laughing so much throughout. Absolutely fantastic, please check out his website and try to get to a gig. (Note: He’s totally forgiven for getting me up on stage to help with a trick, because he is so awesome! Mind you, he promised me a date at Wetherspoon’s and it hasn’t happened… just saying.)

Milton Keynes Comedy Cow Festival

We are so lucky in Milton Keynes to have such a creative and diverse collection of events, groups and people. This comedy festival was amazing – great humour, improv, comedians (we watched Paul Sinha, brill comic although best known possibly as the Sinnerman on The Chase, but he is oh so much more than that). Already decided we’re going for the whole weekend next year!. Get your tickets here.

Holidaying in France

image of Quimper
Quimpter in Brittany

So, we took ourselves off for a little drive from sunny MK all the way to Brittany for a great week in a lovely caravan. Loved the area! What was so instantly noticeable was a number of hydrangeas everywhere, one of my favourites. Honestly, the size of some of those heads! The drive down from the tunnel was busy, the roads bursting with visitors and locals off on their hols. High points? The Crepe Soiree, an evening of eating pancakes and drinking wine… Low Point? The Oceanopolis aquarium, so packed out with crowds you couldn’t see a fish… you were so far back from the glass tanks that the sharks looked like guppies.

Here’s a little collage of some other events, some big, some small.  From being the oldest bridesmaid in town to my Dad’s butterfly collection on his shed window (don’t ask…) to proms- it’s been a good summer. And, I’ll be posting again soon, now I’ve got my backside into gear.  OOh, and thanks to all those that have bought ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’, and have left reviews on Amazon, I really do appreciate it!




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