image of Penny CanvinI’ve always been a keen writer although it’s only fairly recently that I’ve shared any of my work with the world. I wrote plays as a child for my friends and toys, and the fiction I created at school would occasionally worry the teachers (e.g. a short story where a murder victim was fed to the family pet – by Penny Canvin aged 12.)

As an adult, I continued writing but found it hard to finish a project. And so I joined a newly formed Writer’s Group at Milton Keynes Theatre – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As well as meeting some wonderful people, I was taught how to put my words into a script writing format with a proper beginning, middle and end. Up until that point, I’d rarely reached a middle, let alone an end! I was lucky enough to have a couple of pieces performed by the brilliant local actors of Milton Keynes. My favourite piece was called ‘Spleens and Aubergines’…

I adore comedy, whether I’m reading it, watching it or writing it, and am hopeless at being serious. And I’m lucky to have had a wide range of occupations as I can pull on the experiences and may be able to use them somewhere in my writing one day.

I live in South Northamptonshire, UK, with my husband, daughter and several furry friends, who tolerate me writing in every spare moment I have (for which I am very, very grateful…).

I love to hear from my readers and am always grateful for any feedback, so please do get in touch. And, thank you for reading anything I’ve written, I really do appreciate it!

Thank you


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