My writing month review for September 2019

My writing month this September is almost over, and so I’ve taken the opportunity to write a review of my progress.  This a) helps me actually get some words down into a blog post. And b) might remind me that I’m writing again… and making progress. I know I’ve been a bit slow in getting blog posts out… I remember writing a post  promising to blog more regularly.  That post was quite a while ago, possibly a year.  Yes, I know… But hey, annually is regular, yes?  Humph.  

What have I been up to this writing month?

Image of quote 2 writing monthWell, I’m pleased to report that this month has been really positive on the creative front.  And that’s because… I’m writing again!

I’ve finally started the third novel in the ‘Friendship, Love and…’ series.  Yes!  After what feels like a year of planning (probably because it is a year), even though the plot was mapped out within a week, the chapters are slowly being typed and the characters set free to do their thing.

Why’s it taken so long? Just stuff… that’s all I can describe it as, stuff.  Work, personal and boring old nonsense.  I won’t bore you with it because it actually bores me, so there’s no hope for you once I start.  Albeit to say, the ‘stuff’ is either easing, has gone, or continues because it’s there and has to stay and I take no notice of it because… I’m writing again!  So, the book will be arriving on a Kindle (other makes available….) or paperback near you soon, following in the footsteps of ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea’, and ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’.

So, what’s the plan?

Image of book cover Friendship Love and Apple Tea

My aim is to launch around the end of March, or April. That’s the plan … I’m a bit disappointed as I originally wanted to release it near to Christmas due to how the story starts. But, it wasn’t to be… However, if the next writing month is the same as this one, and the ones after follow suit, March/April it is.  It should be in good time for readers to take it on their holidays. 

For those that know the characters, you’ll be pleased to hear that Lou Granger is off and running, chattering away in my head every single  day.  Just imagine that… Things, as normal, haven’t quite worked out for her and she’s about to go on a bit of a bumpy ride.  

I’m hoping the book will be well received.  For the fans that liked Lou being in Turkey (as in the first book of the series, ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘), the third book will not disappoint because… she’s back in Marmaris! And, all the old characters are back. 

Long may it continue…

Image of quote writing monthAlthough it’s been a while coming, once I’m back into the writing routine, nothing stops me.  I set myself a plan to write 2000 words every day, fitting it in around work.   It’s intense for a few months, that’s for sure, but enjoyable and very much worth it.  I miss writing, there’s nothing quite like it.  And, as any other writers out there know, writing is not the only part.  There’s the marketing and promotion work too.  It’s a crazy schedule but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Other writing news…

In other writing news, I’ve also met up with my co-writer, Ruth McCracken, this month.  I love meeting up with Ruth.  She’s steady and methodical and creative all at the same time.  She motivates me because she gives me a very subtle boot up the backside.  Just enough that I notice.  Ruth and I met several years ago at a script-writing class at Milton Keynes Theatre run by Sally Luff (now the artistic director of Carabosse, a theatre company based in Milton Keynes).  Through that class, we created a couple of characters called Babz and Irene, and have since developed them into a sort of double-act I guess. We’ve written radio scripts together and recorded a couple.  Hopefully we will start writing more again soon.  

What I love about Ruth is that, not only is she a great writer, she is totally committed to her craft.  She constantly writes, entering all sorts of crazy competitions.  You can find out more about Ruth and her writing here. Would be great if you could sign up to her newsletter. You’ll receive one regularly, unlike my blog posts…

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