The photos behind the story…

 ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ image of Friendship Love and Sangria based in Guardamar, set in Guardamar, has only been out four days as an e-book but the first reviews are already in, which is amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Reviews are so valuable for an author, whether good or ‘developmental’ (you can tell I’m a trainer…), and can truly make all the difference. Plus, I’m always touched that someone has actually gone out of their way and spent their time and effort to talk about my book.  It’s the same when readers email me, or message me on Facebook. I appreciate it so much. Whatever form of communication it can often be the only way a writer knows if what we do is working or if we should do things differently. So, thank you…

In terms of the paperback availability, it is still on schedule for the end of the month (hopefully sooner) and will be available direct from me (signed if required) and then via Amazon.  I love sending them directly and I post on the day the order comes in.  It can often work out cheaper than Amazon too, depending on the price they set.  I’ll spread the word once it’s ready in paperback format through the blog, social media, my website, subscriber lists… I’ve a lot of readers already waiting, including many in Marmaris (Turkey) that want to see what’s happened to Lou since she left Libby over there (‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘). And, for those readers, don’t worry – Lou may be in Spain for her latest adventure, but Marmaris and Libby are mentioned lots, and she’s heading back…


image of Los Alcazares promenade
Los Alcazares promenade
Los Alcazares promenade

I thought I’d share some photos of the places Lou visits in ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’.  If you love Spain and haven’t visited Guardamar Del Segura, then please do.  You won’t be disappointed. We’ve a lovely friend there who has shared with us so many of the places mentioned in the novel, places we may never have found if it wasn’t for her, for which we’ll be eternally grateful.  There’s a choice of two main airports to fly into  – Alicante and Murcia – and, with an approximate 40 minute transfer time, you could be exploring the town and eating beautiful tapas within an hour of landing.  Check out neighbouring resorts and towns, like Los Alcazares (on the Mar Menor) which is brilliant if you have little ones who like to paddle in the sea. This photo was taken quite a few years ago of our daughter tottering around on the promenade.  She’s changed a bit…


image of the Jaen sign

There’s a definite ‘foodie’ theme in my novels which I hadn’t noticed until a friend pointed it out to me.  Yes, I like my food and wine… Lou visits a restaurant called Jaen’s which is probably one of my favourites, if not my number one.  It would be easy to walk past as it’s not fine dining or silver service… but please don’t. You’d be missing out on something quite wonderful. Great food at an almost unbelievable price, along with a relaxed atmosphere shared with locals and tourists.  Expect to leave very, very full – in fact, join the locals and take plastic containers in with you. What you don’t eat, you can enjoy at home later.  Love it!

Lou visits a bar/cafe a few times through the book which she calls ‘The Cuban Bar’.  It’s based on a real place although it’s not the official name, it’s what our friend calls it when recounts her little visits there in between doing her shopping and chores.  For a coffee, of course… ahem.  It’s not far from Jaen’s.  As for the market, well, it’s definitely worth a visit. The roast chickens are blooming lovely and the queue can be often found curling round the corner.

image of Reina Sofia Park Guardamar
Reina Sofia Park


guardarmar train
The Guardamar Train

We’ve visited the Reina Sofia Park (or, as Lou calls it, the Terrapin Park) many times. Our daughter loved it when she was very small and it’s so peaceful. Take some time out of the hustle and bustle and walk around the winding paths, looking for the little terrapins poking their heads out the water or basking in the sun. Beautiful.


And, the little train that does a tour of the town is fun too,  if it’s still running in the evenings. We haven’t visited at night for a few years now, but I’ll try to find out. One year, when our daughter was little, some local boys jumped on the back of the train whilst it was moving, and hid from the driver. She found this absolutely fascinating!  Mind you, she found a visit to the 24-hour emergency centre fascinating too, especially when the doctor told her in his best English, ‘You do a pisk in this tube for me, yes?’  Took a bit of explaining, she was only 2.

If you need directions to any of these places, give me a shout. And, if you get there and partake in a little wine or two, have one for me… or three or four. I’ll leave that up to you.




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