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Friendship, Love and Sangria


Friendship, Love and Sangria 978-0-9930820-7-8

Lou Granger is all set to jet off on a romantic American road trip with the man of her dreams, but a phone call at the airport changes everything. Instead of hot dogs and shopping malls, it's tapas and siestas, as she finds herself in beautiful Guardamar Del Segura, Spain.

It's not long before she realises this isn't going to be the adventure she'd hoped for, particularly after meeting Seth's ex, the beautiful and flirtatious Clarice Fleur who makes no secret that she wants her man back.

Snubbed by those around her whilst desperately trying to cling hold of the man she loves, it's no surprise she's drawn to the attractive and charismatic Miguel who she meets in a café. And it's not long before she's wondering if she'll ever make it back to her new life in Marmaris and if it will it be alone…

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